Educational Toys

There are loads of ways to encourage your children to learn and as a parent you understand the importance of giving yours the best possible start. There are many different educational toys to choose from and finding the right one for your family’s needs is important to us here at StarWalkKids. Here we aim to offer reviews of a wide range of products, all specifically chosen to enhance your child’s development and help them grow to become young adults. There is a wide selection of educational toys on the market and some have less educational value than others. This is why we review and thoroughly test each one to find out which ones offer the most benefits for your child’s learning and development.

How to Choose the Right Piano for your Kids

Deciding on purchasing a new piano for your child is not as easy as first thought, as I am sure your now becoming well aware, there are different sizes, shapes, range of keys, electric or acoustic and this list could go on for a while, however I have decided in this review to trim down the … Read more

Top 20 Best Arts and Crafts for 3 Year Olds 2022 – Amazing Picks

Toddlers naturally have creative and imaginative little brains, and for this reason, parents are encouraged to foster this through playtime activities inclusive of art projects. There is a wide range of the best arts and crafts for 3 year olds out there, and deciding which is ‘best’ or most beneficial to a young child can … Read more

21 Best Educational Toys for Kids 2022 – Learning Gifts

Educational toys for kids are important and are still one of the best methods for them to learn and develop with. There are loads of different toys to choose from and each one has been carefully considered to make sure there are loads of educational benefits for your child.

Best Educational Toys for 7 Year Olds in 2022

There are so many different types of educational toys out there, it can be difficult to choose! Whether you’re looking for something small or large, we’ve got you covered with our best picks below. All of the toys that we’ve selected have been reviewed by buyers and us too. Considerations when Choosing Educational Toys for … Read more

20 Best Globes for Kids in 2022

World globes provide a fun but also educational way to inspire kids to learn about other countries across the world without having to leave the room. These wonderful globes are perfect for developing a kids love of geography and travel so are ideal learning toys for adventurous kids.

Best Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds in 2022

Learning through play is essential for all kids development, so these great educational toys for 4 year olds are perfect for encouraging the development of key skills, while also providing entertainment for kids.

Best Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds in 2022

Toddlers learn through play so educational toys that are suitable for 2 year olds are perfect for encouraging learning and development. There are a great range of toys that are stimulating for toddlers for you to choose from.

Best Kids Binoculars in 2022

Kids find binoculars great fun to play with and they are prefect for encouraging your kid to play outside. A great educational tool, with a suitable pair of binoculars for every age.

Best Books for 4 Year Olds in 2022

Are you looking for the Best Books for 4 Year Olds Who Can Read? Trying to find How to Draw Books for 4 Year Olds? In this review the top books designed for children aged 4 who love to read. Reading with your child is a wonderful bonding activity. Experts tell us that as well … Read more

Best Kids Chalkboard 2022

A chalkboard is a great way for kids to draw and write, and they can use it over and over again. Here, we look at some of the different styles of chalkboard on offer, to help you choose the one your child will love the most.

Best Kids Alarm Clocks in 2022

Buying your child an alarm clock is a great way to teach them to be timely, and encourage them to get out of bed in the mornings! Here, we look at some fun options your child is sure to love.

35 Best Lego Bionicle Sets for Kids in 2022

The Bionicle LEGO range has a huge range of sets to collect – here we take a look at over 30 of the best models for your child to build and enjoy.

Best Art Easel for Kids 2022

Did you know that an art easel is one of the best educational equipment for kids in the world? With it being able to develop and promote many beneficial skills and abilities, it is one you must not miss out on. This is why we have prepared this article of the best art easels you … Read more

Best Animal Planet Toys for Kids in 2022

Are you looking for a toy to buy for your kid or maybe a friends child and you want to find something different? Well, Animal Planet toys are connected to the leading entertainment network that indulges viewers in the enthralling secrets of the animal kingdom. It has lots of platforms that deliver fun, factual, and immersive … Read more

Teaching The Science Process Skills to Kids

Children need to begin to learn and explore the world of science around them, which is why learning how and what is a scientific process is fundamental for their growth and development.

Ultimate Guide: Best Puzzles for Kids 2022

The ultimate guide of fun and educational childrens puzzles to help you choose the best kids gift. We included reviews of the best kids puzzles available on amazon, including amazingly designed and detailed 3D puzzles for kids.

30 Best Cool Gadget Toys & Science Gifts for Kids 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Kids love to play with building kits and with so many in this review these is a ideal gift for your child. There are a range of building sets so you able to find the ideal one for your child.

7 science kit ideas for kids to do at School in 2022

The best way for kids to truly understand science is to make sure that they have some fun projects to do. These are 7 science kit ideas for kids to do at school that you can put together yourself.

Easy Science kit Experiments for Kids

Some science kits and experiments are hard for kids to learn, but there are loads that are great for different age ranges, so having a little insight and some insider info will help make the right choice for your child.

5 fun science kit experiments for kids to do at home

Science can be learnt at home and with so many different choices for kids to learn with there is always a science experiment to make the house come to life.

11 Fun Science Experiments and Kits for Kids

With some many different science experiments and activities for kids there is always one that will be fun for your child. Little ones as well as grown ups love science and with so much fun to be had it is good to make sure your child learns as they grow and with science experiments they surely will.

Cool science kits for boys and girls

Science kits are cool there is no doubt, they are fun, educational and help parents and children work together to solve science problems. There a loads of science games and kits to use and play and these discuss some that are great fun and will be a fun activity for all the family to use and discover.

Best Microscope for Kids 2022

Every kid will use a microscope at some point in the childhood and the sooner they begin learning the better. This is why we have compared some of the best ones currently on the market for your families needs because we understand that getting children learning young is the best start to life they can get.

Best 32 Science Kits for Kids 2022

Every child at some point in their childhood must learn how the world around them works and with these science kits, they can start well before school starts. There are a whopping 32 to compare to and there is no bigger guide to finding the best science kit for your child.