Toys for Kids

Everyone loves toys and games. Especially kids. There’s so many amazing, fun and creative toys around these days. It’s almost overwhelming, but in a good way! We certainly had a lot of fun discovering, researching and reviewing all the incredible toys and games. The tech toys and gadgets are particularly fun. Every kid, boys and girls love tech toys. There’s educational toys for mixing learning and fun together. The classic option of board games and puzzles still provides a lot of fun for the whole family, or maybe you’re more interested in some outdoor fun, in which case you can have a look at our sports and outdoor toys pages. A big favorite among kids(and parents alike!) are remote controlled cars, trucks, boats, planes and even helicopters. For the little girls, there’s lots of reviews on dolls and dress up costumes. Overall you’l find a whole range of products, all fully reviewed and packed full of helpful buyers information so no matter what type of toy, what age your boy or girl is, you will find something that they’ll love here in this toy section. We also have a children’s gift section full of toys for boys and girls of all ages.

12 Best LEGO Spiderman Sets 2021 – Top Picks

Kids love superheroes such as Spiderman, and they also love building LEGO models. Combine their two interests with these fantastic Spiderman LEGO building kits!

15 Best Dollhouse for Girls 2021 – Endless Fun

Our review of the best dollhouses available on Amazon now. We have recommendations for any age girl that will enjoy constructing, designing and bulding their dollhouse.

23 Best LEGO Toys For Girls 2021 – Top Picks

Are you looking for a great LEGO gift for your little girl? We have reviewed some of the top girl LEGO toys to make it easier for you to make that decision. LEGO toys are fun and they help kids boost their creative mindset whilst building confidence and problem solving skills. Do you want to … Read more

12 Best Mini Pool Table for Kids 2021 – Top Picks

Are you wanting to buy a mini pool table for kids to get them playing together and off of the computer? Many parents complain about the amount of screen time their kids have and wonder how to get kids away from electronic devices. Playing pool table games as a family can be a healthy way … Read more

13 Best Board Games for 7 Year Olds 2021 – Awesome Picks

Kids love playing board games, but choosing the right one is not always easy. Here, we look at some great games which are educational and fun – the whole family will love to play them together!

Top 12 Best Tech Deck Ramps 2021 – Awesome Picks

Tech Decks are an interesting toy for kids over the age of around 6 years old. Here, we look at how the toys are used and what you need to get started.

Top 15 Best Roller Blades for Kids 2021 – Best Selling

How do you decide on the right pair of roller blades? There are many designs and styles out there to choose from, and the decision can be an overwhelming one. If you are interested in buying a pair of inline skates for your child’s birthday or Christmas, or even just to treat them, then this definitive list will keep you on the right track.

11 Best Erector Sets for Kids to Build 2021 – Buying Guide

Looking to find the best erector set toy for your kid? Here we have reviewed 11 erector toys and game sets that are perfect for kids who love building kits. Whether they prefer motorized sets, modern sets or large erector sets, there is something to suit everyone here. For kids who love Lego erector sets, … Read more

Top 10 Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruisers 2021

Penny boards are an excellent introduction to skateboarding for younger children, so here we have reviewed some of the best to help you make an informed choice.

Top 10 Best Board Games for Toddlers 2021 – Education & Fun

Board games for toddlers are great ways for them to play with, have fun and enjoy hanging out with their siblings or friends. There are loads of different types of board games in this review and each has a unique features and parts to make an ideal gift set for your child.

20 Best Tea Sets for Girls who Love Tea Parties 2021 – Plastic, Porcelain & Wood

Are you looking to find the best tea sets for girls who love pretend tea parties? There are tons of adorable tea party sets for girls out there. From cute teas sets to baskets, there’s so much choice when it comes to selecting that perfect gift or a new addition to the toy box… We’re … Read more

17 Best Kids Superhero Toys and Action Figures 2021- Top Picks

Most kids have dreams of doing great things and changing the world. Some dream of putting on a beautifully-made costume and having super powers that will help them eradicate the bad guys and make the world safer. Toys are thrilling and awe-inspiring ways to help kids feel closer to their dreams of being a real-life … Read more

15 Best Board Games for 13 Year Olds 2021 – Top Picks for Teens

Looking for the best board games for a young teenager? Look no further than our 15 great picks, featuring games in all different styles and genres.

15 Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids 2021 – Top Picks

Water slides are possibly one of the most fun ways to spend a hot summer’s day! Here we have reviewed some of the best home water slides so you can choose one to set up in your yard for your kids and their friends to enjoy in the sun!

12 Best Spy Kit for Kids 2021 – Buying Guide

Kids have spying and discovering minds. They always want to explore the world around them and give details of their findings. They act relatively like young spies, discovering new things and reporting back to their parents with the aim of finding an explanation to their findings. Spy kits for kids are fun-filled and educational toys … Read more

Top 10 Best Bow and Arrow for Kids 2021 – Reviews

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to get your child to spend more time outdoors and away from technology, you’ll love browsing through our guide to choosing a bow and arrow for kids. Archery is a great hobby for children – especially those who fancy themselves as the next Katniss, Merida, or … Read more

15 Best Toy Tow Trucks 2021 – Top Picks

Toddlers and young children love playing with toy cars, so to make things a little different and more exciting, a toy tow truck is an excellent idea!

15 Best Toy Cell Phones for Toddlers 2021 – Buying Guide

Toddlers today are very accustomed to seeing phones, which is why you might have seen kids with Disney toy cell phones walking by, they are trying to be like mom and daddy. They are more familiar with technology than with any other generation and often know how to use tablets and mobiles better than their … Read more

21 Best Mickey Mouse Toys 2021 – For Toddlers

Everyone loves that are both cuddly, soft and full of life which is why Mickey and Minnie Mouse toys are great toy gifts for kids aged 2 to 3 years old. Finding a Disney Character toy that your kids loves is important, usually easy because you can then follow up with kids Disney programs and TV … Read more

15 Best Kids Bath Bombs 2021 – Top Picks

Bath bombs are all the rage at the moment! But, did you know that there are lots of them out there that are safe and fun for kids too? Check out our selection, learn to make your own and bring bathtime to the next level…