Toys for Kids

Everyone loves toys and games. Especially kids. There’s so many amazing, fun and creative toys around these days. It’s almost overwhelming, but in a good way! We certainly had a lot of fun discovering, researching and reviewing all the incredible toys and games. The tech toys and gadgets are particularly fun. Every kid, boys and girls love tech toys. There’s educational toys for mixing learning and fun together. The classic option of board games and puzzles still provides a lot of fun for the whole family, or maybe you’re more interested in some outdoor fun, in which case you can have a look at our sports and outdoor toys pages. A big favorite among kids(and parents alike!) are remote controlled cars, trucks, boats, planes and even helicopters. For the little girls, there’s lots of reviews on dolls and dress up costumes. Overall you’l find a whole range of products, all fully reviewed and packed full of helpful buyers information so no matter what type of toy, what age your boy or girl is, you will find something that they’ll love here in this toy section. We also have a children’s gift section full of toys for boys and girls of all ages.

15 Best Board Games for 13 Year Olds 2021 – Top Picks for Teens

Looking for the best board games for a young teenager? Look no further than our 15 great picks, featuring games in all different styles and genres.

Top 10 Best Swing Set For Older Kids 2021 – Reviews

The classic swing set has advanced and there are loads of different swings these days to choose from. We have taken a selection of the best swings for your kids and tested, compared and assessed which ones are the best for different circumstances, so your child gets the right one.

20 Best Toddler Climbing Toys 2021 – For All Ages

Toddlers love to climb and with these different climbing themed activities they will have loads of fun. There are fun creative climbing frames and different shapes, so whatever you personal preference there is one to suit your little one’s needs.

13 Best Kids Panda Costumes 2021 – Top Picks

Kids panda outfits are great for kids to dressup with and enjoy as bedtime wear or even just hanging around the house, which is why we have reviewed some of our favourite for you to enjoy looking through.

Best Bow and Arrow for Kids 2021

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to get your child to spend more time outdoors and away from technology, you’ll love browsing through our guide to choosing a bow and arrow for kids. Archery is a great hobby for children – especially those who fancy themselves as the next Katniss, Merida, or … Read more

Best walkie talkie watch for kids in 2021

Walkie talkies are a great way for kids to communicate with one another or to stay in touch with parents when they are within a short range. Many parents prefer a walkie talkie than a cellphone because these devices can’t access the internet so are safer for kids to communicate with. They are also very … Read more

Best Arts and Crafts for 3 Year Olds in 2021

Toddlers naturally have creative and imaginative little brains, and for this reason, parents are encouraged to foster this through playtime activities inclusive of art projects. There is a wide range of crafts for 3 years olds out there, and deciding which is ‘best’ or most beneficial to a young child can be quite an ordeal. … Read more

Best Batman Cars for Toddlers in 2021

When it comes to car toys there is no better than something from the Batman franchise. The Batmobile is a classic vehicle from the tv series, comics, and movies. With all the. cool accessories that come with them and the gadgets that Batman has himself there is no wonder why they are so popular with … Read more

15 Best Ponycycle Unicorns and Horses to Ride on in 2021

Ponycycles can be so much fun for little ones, providing them with heaps of ride on play time and learning opportunities too. Inclusive of a small, medium, and larger sizes, these awesome toys are an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for toddlers and children. If you’re seeking inspiration as to where to buy this type … Read more

20 Best Dinotrux Toys in 2021

Wondering where to buy dinotrux toys? For those who don’t know Dinotrux is a computer-animated Netflix series featuring characters that combine dinosaurs from the prehistoric world with mechanical construction vehicles. The larger Dinotrux are accompanied by smaller Reptools who are reptile-like creatures made from different mechanical tools. This kid-favorite animated tv show is sure to … Read more

20 Best Arts and Crafts for 2 Year Olds in 2021

Looking for some Arts and craft ideas for your toddler? Or maybe just some craft supplies? Whatever it is we have your covered here and have complied over 20 unique crafting kits. We have sifted through loads of options and compared so you can pick exactly the right one for your needs. We all know … Read more

20 Best Lego Castle Sets for Building in 2021

Trying to find some LEGO and wondering where to buy lego castle sets at great prices? Look no further! Almost every child (adults too) out there loves Lego, and who can blame them? With an abundance of creative sets out there, it can be difficult to choose just one. However, if you’re looking for new … Read more

20 Best Frozen 2 Gifts For Girls (Elsa and Anna Toys) in 2021

Is your child a huge Disney Frozen fan and your wondering where to buy frozen toy sets? If so, you’ve come to the right place for all the inspiration you need when selecting a new toy for them. In our guide below, you’ll find a range of Frozen gifts for girls including favorite characters from … Read more

15 Best LEGO Fire Trucks in 2021

Are you looking to find the best fire truck LEGO set for your toddler? Most of us have probably owned some LEGO or played with a fire truck toy in our lifetime and that shouldn’t be any different for your child. When looking for these kinds of toys a great place to start is with … Read more

Best Arts and Crafts for 1 Year Olds in 2021

When it comes to young children picking art supplies can be a difficult task, especially for 1-year-olds. There are many items that are available and it can be flustering trying to choose the perfect something for your child. Below, we have reviewed a few of the top craft products which are fitting for kids aged … Read more

10 Best Batman LEGO Sets Review in 2021

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes out there and one that has inspired many different types of toys. This epic character is renowned for defeating villains and battling crime with his signature theme tune ‘Na na na na na na na na na na na na – Batman!’. If your child is a … Read more

25 Best Lego Christmas Sets in 2021

Looking to buy a LEGO Christmas set for this coming end of year? There are many themed LEGO sets for kids to get building and if your wondering what the best lego sets for christmas is, then you will know by the end of this review or the best options for children of all ages. … Read more

10 Best Kids Rocking Horses in 2021

Are you looking for the latest kids rocking horses? You have come to the right place because we have compiled this bumper guide to the most interesting and fun horse rockers available on the market in 2020. These types of rocking horses toys can make a fun and playful addition to any toy collection and … Read more

11 Best Magic Tracks Cars Reviewed in 2021

Wondering where to buy magic tracks cars? If you are in the market for a new car set, magic car tracks are the one for you. In this review, we are looking at the top 11 products in the car track sets catalogue. For many years magic tracks have been at the forefront for car … Read more

10 Best Racing Simulator Cockpit in 2021

Only the best racing simulator cockpits are made to last. Many low-quality products now flood the market. But their best alternatives are made with high weight capacity, folding versatility, and low weight practicality. The added all-metal construction also keeps these gaming fittings on the list of long-lasting PC or consoles’ accessories. Considerations Choosing Simulator Cockpits … Read more