Toddler Toys

There are many reasons a parent decides to get their toddler some toys and maybe for whatever reason you have decided to get some inspiration before choosing. Here at StarWalkKids we provide some of the best comparisons available and filter through the best and latest ones on offer, so you have a happy little boy or girl. There are loads of toys that both boys and girls like to play with. Here we provide safe, reliable and honest to ensure your little toddler toys are received with smiles.

20 Best Arts and Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Looking for some Arts and craft ideas for your toddler? Or maybe just some craft supplies? Whatever it is we have your covered here and have complied over 20 unique crafting kits. We have sifted through loads of options and compared so you can pick exactly the right one for your needs. We all know […]

Best Arts and Crafts for 1 Year Olds

When it comes to young children picking art supplies can be a difficult task, especially for 1-year-olds. There are many items that are available and it can be flustering trying to choose the perfect something for your child. Below, we have reviewed a few of the top craft products which are fitting for kids aged […]

Best Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds

Are you looking for a new toy to help your 3 year old learn a new skill? Here we have rounded up 20 of the best educational toys for boys and girls aged 3.

35 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers 2020

All parents of toddlers will know just how much energy they can have at times. So, giving them some outdoor play toys is a great way to help them burn off some steam! Here we have picked over 30 outdoor toys your toddler will wish to play with over and over again.

Best Toy Cell Phones for Toddlers 2020

Toddlers today are very accustomed to seeing phones, which is why you might have seen kids with Disney toy cell phones walking by, they are trying to be like mom and daddy. They are more familiar with technology than with any other generation and often know how to use tablets and mobiles better than their […]

Best Toys for 18 Month Old 2020

At 18 months, toddlers are getting curious about the world around them and are learning at an astonishing rate. That’s why we are here to help you find some educational, fun toys sure to be adored by your 18 month old toddler.

Best Baby Doll Stroller

If your child is interested in playing with dolls, they will need a stroller to carry it around in. Here, we look at some great single and twin doll strollers your little one is sure to love.

Best Toddler Slide 2020

There are loads of amazing slides for toddlers available for sale, so we are here to help you find the best one which your toddler will love playing on for hours and hours.

Best Ball Pits for Toddlers 2020

There are many different types and styles of ball pit to choose from, so we have reviewed some of the best here to help you find one your toddler will simply love to play in every day!

Best Push Toys for Toddlers

Push toys for toddlers and young children are important for their development. Learning to walk is a crucial lesson we must all learn and with so many push toys to consider this guide will help you find the ideal push toy for your childs needs.

Robot Toys for Toddlers

In this review, we look at the best robot toys for toddlers available, and share with you our top picks.

Best Musical Toys for Toddlers

Musical instruments are loads of fun for kids and a great way to help them develop. In this review we have picked the best musical instruments for toddlers and have a wide selection from toddler drums sets, Toddler piano mats and loads more to help parents find the ideal instrument for their child’s needs.

Best Toddler Climbing Toys 2020

Toddlers love to climb and with these different climbing themed activities they will have loads of fun. There are fun creative climbing frames and different shapes, so whatever you personal preference there is one to suit your little one’s needs.

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers 2020

Educational toys are great ways for helping your children grow and develop through play. These 11 toys help stimulate learning and encourage their growth through fun games and activities.

Best Beach Toys for Toddlers 2020

Every child should enjoy playing at the beach with their favorite toys and with 11 of the best to choose from you can be assured to find the little one an ideal gift here.

Best Toddler Drum Set 2020

The drums are a great way to foster a healthy relationship with music for your toddler and the more they practice the better they will become. Here at BuzzParent we love everything musical and want your children to have the best, which is why we have reviewed the top contenders and picked the best out of the bunch.

Best Balance Bikes for Toddlers 2020

Each balance bike is unique and with so many different ones to compare this can be confusing for finding the best. This review looks at the top 5 and finds which one is the best for value and best overall.

Best Inflatable Punching Bag For Toddlers 2020

Every child should be using his fists in a safe manner and with a inflatable punching bag they can. They will have some fun with a comical inflatable toy in a safe and appropriate way.

Best Piano for Toddlers 2020

Most people would love a grand piano, but a wise person like yourself knows there is a time and place for everything and that is why you have thinking about the smaller option to start with. There are some great piano instruments here and we will compare each one, which will get on their way to becoming a great pianist.

Best Toddler Crawl Tunnels 2020

Crawling tunnels are great fun and your child is destined for an imaginative adventure if you decide to get one. As a parent deciding on the right one is difficult especially with many to choose fro, which is why we have reviewed and made a detailed comparison so it’s easier for you.

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