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Welcome to StarWalkKids the place with loads of different kids stuff, parent reviews and toddler products. Here we offer comprehensive review guides for parents to help them make informed decisions about buying gifts for kids. So, whether its Christmas or a birthday celebration StarWalkKids has all toy advice and latest gadgets that kids will love.

We offer review guides by kids age, gender type, so whether buying a gift for a boy or a present for a girl its never been easier.

We pick kids toys with careful consideration and try to find items that are both safe for children to use and also ones that help kids develop through interactive play. There is also a large selection of board games for children, which are categorized by age and type to make picking something easier than ever.

Best Pirate Birthday Party Ideas 2022

The pirate party ideas are plentiful and making sure you have the best ones to make the day amazing is what we want, which is why here at BuzzParent we have complied a complete pirate party guide.

Best Superhero Birthday Party Ideas in 2022

Everybody wants to be a superhero and when there is a birthday party the possibilities are endless with loads of ideas and gift choices. We have put together some of the best and made sure to fit in every last detail so you can plan the party for A – Z.

Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Boys 2022

Planning a party for your little boy turning one can be a stressful experience if you’re not used to planning parties. We’re here to help with some great tips, products and advice to ensure the big day goes smoothly.

Best 1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls 2022

Every little girl is daddy’s princess and that’s why when her 1st birthday comes your wanting to get ideas how to make it awesome. There are many ideas and ways to make it fabulous, which is exactly what your little baby girl deserves.

Best Play Tents for Toddlers 2022

There are many different types of play tents and there is always a theme or design to suit every child’s needs. This review looks into some of the different types and offers an insiders perspective to share which one would be the best and ideal for your child.

What Age Should I Use a High Chair for My Baby?

There is time for everything and making sure you know the right age for using a high chair is crucial for your child. This article highlights some things to help parents understand why and when to start using a high chair.

Vintage Baby High Chair History 2022

The vintage baby high chairs have recently come into fashion and the modern designs are based on the classic vintage types and in this article we look at some of those classic ones.

Best Piano for Toddlers 2022

Most people would love a grand piano, but a wise person like yourself knows there is a time and place for everything and that is why you have thinking about the smaller option to start with. There are some great piano instruments here and we will compare each one, which will get on their way to becoming a great pianist.

Toys for Children with Disabilities 2022

Sometimes children need to use certain toys for helping develop their skills and capacities. Other times it is simply to enjoy and experience, which is why we have reviewed some toys that are ideal for disabled kids.

Pros and Cons of Spanking your Child

No parent should enjoy spanking their child but sometimes the child can behave terribly, which can cause upset for the whole family. Disciplining a child is important, but is force the best way and is there an appropriate time for spanking? This article will explore this topic and go into the pro’s and con’s of spanking your child.

Best Water Shoes for Kids 2022

There is loads of different pairs of water shoes for children and finding the best is difficult, but here at BuzzParent we aim to simplify the buying process. Whether at the beach, in the pool or tracking along a river there is a pair of water shoes to suit your child’s needs.

Best Toddler Crawl Tunnels 2022

Crawling tunnels are great fun and your child is destined for an imaginative adventure if you decide to get one. As a parent deciding on the right one is difficult especially with many to choose fro, which is why we have reviewed and made a detailed comparison so it’s easier for you.

Pie in the Face Game show 2022

The pie face game show and loads of fun, that they even made a game show out of it and this is a quick review highlighting some of the best bits.

Best Scooter for Kids 2022

There are loads of reasons to get a scooter for your child and with so many to choose from there is never a clear-cut choice. This is why we have reviewed the best so you can decide for yourself.

Best Dirt Bike Gear for Kids 2022

Every child using and riding a dirt bike needs the right gear to ride safely and in this review there is all the equipment your child will need and more.

Best Baby High Chair 2022

As you know little things do matter and making sure your little prince or princess has the best booster seat is essential. What they need through all the stages of their development is important to you, and I know what that’s like, so I have decided to put together some of the best toddler dining chairs currently available on the market.

The Coolest Baby Mealtime Gear 2022

There are many reasons to make feeding time fun for your child and in this review we explain some cool ways to make feeding your baby easier.

Best Toddler Table and Chair Set 2022

The children like to play and get creative on tables their own size. There is loads of choices and with a small chair to go along with the table they can feel as comfortable as possible.

15 Best World Map for Kids 2022 – Top Picks

A world map is a great way to educate your child about the world, and encourage an early interest in geography. Here, we take a look at some great world maps for children to display proudly on their wall.