Musical Instruments for Kids

In here you’ll find lots of guides and reviews for everything musical to help your child develop into the next Mozart! From Pianos to Ukuleles, we’ve got you covered so you can give your child the best musical start in life. There are even drum sets for the ones that like to bang on musical instruments, as well as violins for the more classically inclined children. All of these instruments will have massive benefits in developing your child’s brain so they can appreciate music and the finer things in life. Science has shown that learning to play an instrument from an early age will help to develop the child’s brain to hear sounds they wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear, which means later in life they’ll have a greater appreciation for music.

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Best Ukulele for Kids 2022

As a parent who enjoys music you would like your kid to also and that’s why finding the best ukulele for you kid is top priority. There are loads to choose from and in this comparison review we have picked some of the best and then compared, so your child can start practicing.

Best Piano for Kids 2022

Finding out how to get the best piano for your kids is not an easy task and with all the variation on the market it’s no wonder parents finding it difficult. This is why in this review we have selected some of the best pianos on the market and explained in detail some of the pro’s and con’s of each, which will make choosing easier for you.

How to Choose the Right Piano for your Kids

Deciding on purchasing a new piano for your child is not as easy as first thought, as I am sure your now becoming well aware, there are different sizes, shapes, range of keys, electric or acoustic and this list could go on for a while, however I have decided in this review to trim down the … Read more

How to Nurture Your Musically Talented Child in 2022

Learning to how to Nurture Your Musically Talented Children is something most parents want as we are all well aware of the benefits and healthy social implications this can have on our children. In this article, we have briefly outlined some of our reasons with some insightful tips of how and why it should be faltered with.

15 Best Kids Xylophone 2022 – Top Picks Review

The xylophone is an ideal first instrument for children of any age. There are toy versions for babies and toddlers, as well as ‘real’ ones for older kids who want to learn to play properly. Here, you will find xylophones for children of any age, so you can make the perfect choice.

25 Best Kids Flute 2022 – Beginner & Intermediate Level

Finding the best kids flute can be challenging and with many different types to choose from all little guidance can help. In this review we look at many differen types to help you find the right one for your child.

Top 12 Best Kids Accordion 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

The accordion is a fascinating instrument with a wonderful sound. If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument, the accordion can make an excellent choice.

Top 10 Best Kids Banjo 2022 – Best Instruments

Kids love to play musical instruments and what better choice than the banjo?! It’s fun to play, not too difficult to learn a few simple tunes, and just the right size for little hands. Here you’ll find everything you need to help choose the perfect banjo for your child.

15 Best Kids Trumpet 2022 – Top Picks

Choosing the best instrument for a child who wants to learn the trumpet can be difficult and with some many different types and price ranges it can be hard to decide. However, we have created an easy guide to follow to help find the ideal instrument for your child.

15+ Best Bongo Drums for Kids 2022 – Top Picks

In this article we look at the best bongo drums for kids in order to make sure that you can get the right set of drums for your child. There are loads of different types from baby bongos to toddler bongos and even larger bongos for older children.

15 Best Kids Electric Guitars in 2022

When it comes to making music there is one instrument that has always been a favorite by kids and adults alike, and that is the guitar, especially the electric-powered guitar. They come in all different shapes and sizes pen to any kind of kid and their interests. Different style guitars will adhere to certain sounds … Read more

The Best Toy French Horn for Kids 2022

The French horn is a great instrument for kids of all ages to play around with. Here we have reviewed a few of the best, including toys for younger children and beginner instruments for those wishing to learn to play properly.

The Best Toy Violin 2022

A toy violin is a great choice for young children who love to make music. They aren’t as noisy as real violins either – much better for parents when kids are practicing! Here you will find everything you need to help choose the perfect violin for your child.

Whats the Right Age to Begin Piano Lessons?

In this article, we look at finding the right age for your child to start piano lessons, and also talk about some other important factors like finding a good teacher.

Best Group Piano Game in 2022

Group piano games are great fun for little piano learners, and whether its for part of a group piano lesson, or just for a piano part with a bunch of your kids friends who play the instrument, we’ve got 6 great piano group games for you to try out.

Best Children’s Guitar in 2022

In this simple and beginner friendly review of the best guitars for kids of all ages. We look at some of the best electric, classical and steel string guitars for kids. There is definitely a guitar to suit your child’s needs and raw musical talents.

7 Easy Piano Songs to Teach to Kids

There are loads of different songs to teach your child piano to and when helping them learn how to play the piano there is 7 Easy Piano Songs we recommend.

The Benefits of Karaoke for Kids

We all know that karaoke for kids is a really fun activity, but did you know about the benefits it has to their development and psychological health as well?

5 Cool kids playing Piano on Youtube

There is always a time for some fun and a good laugh, but there is also a time for listening to some amazing children play the piano and in this small post we have put some great videos of children playing the piano.

3 Great Techniques to Teach Children Piano

If your child has just got their first piano and they’re not sure where to start, check out our 3 techniques for teaching piano to kids.

Ukulele Books for Beginners in 2022

There are loads of ukulele songs to choose from in this review and all books are aimed at children. These ukulele books will ensure they find some of their favorite songs to begin strumming some newly learnt chords.

Best Electronic Drum Kit for Kids 2022

If you have decided that you would like to buy an electric drum set for your child but are not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of our favorites, which are suitable for children of all ages and abilities.