The Best Toy Violin 2021

photo of a ribbon tied teddy bear holding a small violin with his companions

A toy violin is a great choice for young children who love to make music. They aren’t as noisy as real violins either – much better for parents when kids are practicing! Here you will find everything you need to help choose the perfect violin for your child.

The Best Kids Banjo 2021

Photo of a girl holding a small banjo at a garden

Kids love to play musical instruments and what better choice than the banjo?! It’s fun to play, not too difficult to learn a few simple tunes, and just the right size for little hands. Here you’ll find everything you need to help choose the perfect banjo for your child.

Best Kids Trumpet 2021

photo a boy playing trumpet

Choosing the best instrument for a child who wants to learn the trumpet can be difficult and with some many different types and price ranges it can be hard to decide. However, we have created an easy guide to follow to help find the ideal instrument for your child.

Best Kids Xylophone 2021

Photo of a kid playing a small xylophone

The xylophone is an ideal first instrument for children of any age. There are toy versions for babies and toddlers, as well as ‘real’ ones for older kids who want to learn to play properly. Here, you will find xylophones for children of any age, so you can make the perfect choice.