Best Toddler Slide 2022

photo of a toddler happily sliding at a kids park

There are loads of amazing slides for toddlers available for sale, so we are here to help you find the best one which your toddler will love playing on for hours and hours.

Best Ball Pits for Toddlers 2022

Photo of a boy swimming in a pool balls

There are many different types and styles of ball pit to choose from, so we have reviewed some of the best here to help you find one your toddler will simply love to play in every day!

Best Toddler Drum Set 2022

photo of a kid playing on his small drum set

The drums are a great way to foster a healthy relationship with music for your toddler and the more they practice the better they will become. Here at BuzzParent we love everything musical and want your children to have the best, which is why we have reviewed the top contenders and picked the best out of the bunch.

Best Piano for Toddlers 2022

photo of a girl and boy playing a small piano

Most people would love a grand piano, but a wise person like yourself knows there is a time and place for everything and that is why you have thinking about the smaller option to start with. There are some great piano instruments here and we will compare each one, which will get on their way to becoming a great pianist.