Best STEM Toys for Boys in 2021

Photo of a baby playing toy tools

Encouraging your children to develop their problem-solving skills, creativity, logic and technical competence is a sign of great parenting, which is why STEM toys are great. One quick way of doing this is to buy your kids some of the best age appropriate educational toys. Young Coders are getting a lot of attention lately and … Read more

Best Kids Laptops 2021

photo of two kids writing notes on a notebook in front of a laptop

Choosing a laptop for your child is not a decision which should be taken lightly – there is so much to consider when it comes to choosing the right one. That’s why were are here to help by answering your FAQs and reviewing some of the best laptops for kids on the market today.

Best Computer Tablets for Kids 2021

Photo of two kids having conversations while using tablet

Parents and technology don’t always mix well and that’s why finding the best computer tablets for kids can be a challenge, which is why at BuzzParent we take the hard work out of looking and make deciding easy for you. Here there a loads to choose from and each has been reviewed so you can find the best for your child’s needs.