12 Best Spy Kit for Kids 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Spy Kit for Kids

Kids have spying and discovering minds. They always want to explore the world around them and give details of their findings. They act relatively like young spies, discovering new things and reporting back to their parents with the aim of finding an explanation to their findings. Spy kits for kids are fun-filled and educational toys … Read more

12 Best Racing Simulator Cockpit 2021 – Top Gaming Picks

Photo of a baby wearing a helmet and sunglasses while riding a racing simulator

Only the best racing simulator cockpits are made to last. Many low-quality products now flood the market. But their best alternatives are made with high weight capacity, folding versatility, and low weight practicality. The added all-metal construction also keeps these gaming fittings on the list of long-lasting PC or consoles’ accessories. Considerations Choosing Simulator Cockpits … Read more

13 Best Kids Microphone 2021 – Best Products Review

Best Kids Microphone

There is a growing number of kids microphones on the market and finding the best with so many is challenging. There is differences in standard, sound quality and ease-of-use, which is where StarWalkKids come in. We have selected the most popular and reviewed them to find what one is best, so your kids get the best one.

10 Best PS4 Steering Wheels 2021 – Top Picks

Best PS4 Steering Wheels

Racing games are so much more fun when they’re played with a steering wheel – it makes gameplay more realistic and can help your kids really feel like they’re a top F1 driver! But, there are loads of different types to choose from, so how do you really know which is the best? Here, we’ve … Read more

10 Best Xbox One Racing Wheels 2021 – Top Picks

best Xbox One racing wheels

If you need or want to find the best Xbox One racing wheels, options are endless. But like most work on Microsoft’s gaming platform, not all can offer a realistic driving or racing experience. If you simply prefer to race, you’ll need to buttons in easy reach. If you want to consider a racing wheel … Read more

15 Best Kids Computer Keyboards and Mouse Sets 2021 – Top Picks

best kids computer keyboards and mouse sets

Computers take up a large part of our lives, in a society that is growing ever-more tech-oriented, computers have become quite the norm to have at home. If you have a computer set-up at home for your child and you’re looking to buy a new children’s keyboard or a kids’ computer mouse, you’ve come to … Read more