Best Kids Vacuum Cleaner 2021

Here in this review, we have some amazing kids vacuum toys ranging from Dyson vacuum’s to play toys for all types of kids household fun to make chores playtime.

Children just love role playing and pretending to be grown-ups, such as mimicking their parents doing household chores. There is a variety of children’s toys on the market to reflect this fact but an ever popular one is the toy vacuum cleaner; equally loved by both girls and boys. A good quality kids toy vacuum can give many years of pleasure and will likely be handed down to younger brothers and sisters as the children grow up.

All kids will instinctively want to try out their new toy by showing friends and family how they can help to clean the house. A play vacuum is more than just a fun toy however. While they are having fun, kids will also learn new skills through developing their spatial awareness. These toys can also be beneficial as an aid to a toddler’s balance and walking progression.


Considerations When Choosing a Toy Vacuum Cleaner

So, now that you have decided that you want to buy a toy vacuum, how do you decide which one to purchase? When choosing the best vacuum toy there are several things to consider, such as the recommended age group, the durability of the unit, any safety aspects and the ease of assembly of the product. To find the right one for your child you may also want to compare the overall build quality and any special features of the various products currently on the market. Some of the better toys come with attributes that closely mimic the real thing, such as removable bag compartments and realistic noise.

In terms of visual appeal, color may be an important issue, as we know that some younger children strongly favor toys of a certain color (and sometimes nothing else will do). By nature, most toys are brightly colored to increase their appeal and children’s vacuum cleaners are no different – some are available in a range of colors. Also, make sure to check what batteries are required, and whether they are included in the box, as you don’t want to give a gift that can’t be played with straight away.

Our List of the Top Kids Vacuum Cleaners

1. PlayGo Light up Vacuum

Children as young as 2 years old will have fun playing with this good quality toddler vacuum. The PlayGo Light up Cleaner is available in a range of color options and comes well packaged, with its many features clearly shown on the box. This is a gift that any child will want to open quickly and get their hands on.

The clear plastic middle section lights while up in use and contains visually pleasing colored balls that fly around inside it, simulating dust and dirt being hoovered up. Kids will love the visual aspects of this product and parents will appreciate the gentle hum the toy emits. These upright kids play vacuums also has a removable cleaner bag compartment for greater authenticity and comes complete with the required number of AA batteries.

This is an image of Vacuum clearner for kids in grey and mint colors

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2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Vacuum

Melissa & Doug have all the bases covered with their gift set bundle cleaning playsets. The complete gift set bundle comprises a comprehensive kit for children to practice their cleaning regime, including a mop, broom, dustpan and brush and other items. But no cleaning kit is complete without a vacuum cleaner and the Melissa & Doug Vacuum Up Play Set, a sturdy wooden toy hoover, fits the bill perfectly.

This is a kid’s real vacuum that picks up ‘real’ pieces of trash. There are six wooden pieces included in this set, all shaped and painted differently to resemble various household items (coin, food items etc.) that need to be hoovered up. This is done by simply running the vacuum over them; kids can then retrieve the pieces from the compartment at the back and start all over again. You do not need to worry about batteries with this toy either, as there aren’t any. This is a great toy for children of 3 and over that really gives them an authentic cleaning up experience.

This is an image of Wooden vacuum up cleaning playset for kids

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3. Fisher Price Corn Popper

Fisher Price are a well-known and respected brand name, admired for their high quality and educational toys. The Corn Popper may not be a vacuum cleaner in the traditional sense but it is a much-loved toy that has given joy to millions of people down the generations. This is a modern version of a traditional classic, that you, and maybe even your own parents, would have played with at one time. No longer made of wood, this contemporary version is made from highly durable plastic and has brightly colored balls in its clear dome.

The real magic, of course, (and hence the name) comes from the addictive popping sound that is emitted as the toy is pushed around; the faster the better! Toddlers will love this feature and giggles are virtually guaranteed. This toy makes a great walking aid for toddlers and is suitable from the age of 12 months.

This is an image of basics corn popper for kids and childerns by Fisher-Price

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4. Minnie Mouse Bowtique Toy Vacuum

For young lovers of Disney (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) the Minnie Mouse Bowtique Vacuum is a ‘must have’ gift. Recommended for children between 3 and 6 years old, this kids vacuum is pure Disney, with its very charming and pretty pink and purple theme. This product has a clear middle section with beads that swirl around inside when it is being pushed. There is also an attractive bow feature just below the handle that lights up in use.

Children will love following their parents around with this toy cleaner as it makes all the right sounds and gives an authentic vacuuming experience. A characteristic of the Minnie Mouse vacuum cleaner is the useful demo mode switch which provides a timed demonstration for beginners. Make sure to switch this to ‘on’ mode for continuous play though as you don’t want disappointed children thinking it’s not working. Batteries come included with this item.

This is an image of Disney mimmnie vacuum cleaner in pink color

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5. PlayGo 2 in 1 Vacuum

PlayGo have come up with a really nice concept with their 2 in 1 vacuum. This model looks and sounds like a traditional upright kids vacuum cleaner but has the added bonus of a detachable middle section that serves as a stand-alone hand vacuum. Children will love this dual purpose toy and will feel all grown up using its multi-function features by attaching the dust catcher attachment.

Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing at being mummy and daddy with this realistic looking (and sounding) kids vacuum. The product is robust enough to stand up to years of use and is suitable for children of 2 years and over. Batteries are included so cleaning can begin right away!

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6. Cadson Little Helper Toy Dyson

The Dyson kids vacuum is a proper scaled-down replica of one of the famous brand’s most popular models, the DC22 cylinder vacuum. This product is more than just a toy as it combines exact design specification and authentic usage, incorporating a working suction function to vacuum up small foam or plastic beads. Just like the real thing, this model has genuine working parts and additional tools, such as a detachable wand, which slot neatly into place.

Children can get into serious role play with the Casdon Dyson toy vacuum due to its professional look and exact detail which even extends to the iconic grey, purple and red Dyson design. This is definitely preparing them for the real thing!

This is an image of Vacum cleaner for kids by Casdon

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7. Hello Kitty Cleaner

This cute vacuum will delight lovers of Hello Kitty and indeed any child who wants to play at doing household chores. The product incorporates all the adorable design features of the ever popular cartoon character. The base carries the trademark Hello Kitty face along with the iconic pink bow. An additional bow on the main unit serves as the on and off switch.

The middle compartment is detachable to allow it to be used as a portable dust buster, so kids can also find those hard to reach corners. Realistic vacuum like sounds help to create an authentic role play experience for children and the light up function and enclosed swirling beads ensure that fun is foremost.

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8. Cadson Cord Free Dyson Vacuum

As one of the world’s leaders in vacuums, many homes own a Dyson so a Dyson children’s vacuum has got to be a winner. Suitable for all children of 3 years and over, this model really does look like the real thing, with the authentic cord free design and eye-catching iconic colours. This working model encourages hand to eye coordination and teaches kids how things work. Various attachments ensure long lasting fun and games and exploration.

A kids Dyson vacuum cleaner is more than just a toy. It actually works using suction and replicates the real models cyclonic action. A detachable long nozzle completes the realism. This would make a perfect gift for children of all ages.

This is an image of Dyson cord free vacuum cleaner by Dyson

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9. Cadson Little Hetty Vacuum

This Casdon toy is a child’s replica of a much-loved household implement. The Little Hetty vacuum cleaner is designed for children of 3 years and over and comes complete with batteries. This unbearably cute pink and black replica model, with its smiley face, will brighten up any home and is bound to raise a smile on the face of your little ones. It’s true to the original too, with its retractable cord and plug adding further realism.

Kids will love being able to hoover up small pieces of paper or beads and to show you how they empty the waste compartment. All in all, this is a great toy for role play learning and is bound to come out whenever the adult one is in use.

This is an image of Vacuum cleaner little hetty by Casdon

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10. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Vacuum

For very young children, Fisher Price offer a Laugh and Learn Light up Vacuum. The robust plastic casing and large button and switches are perfect for little hands and exploring fingers. This is very much an educational toy as well as being great fun. The tilting mechanism mimics an upright vacuum cleaner while helping to encourage balance and walking for toddlers.

By pressing the various buttons and switches kids will discover different sounds, phrases and songs, all designed with ‘learning through play’ in mind. They will learn about numbers and counting, colours and shapes and be able to sing along with new songs. They think they are having fun, but you know they are learning and developing new skills.

This is an image of blue Vacuum cleaner with sound for kids by Fisher-Price

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11. Cadson Dyson Vacuum Toy

Dyson have a range of toy vacuum cleaners on the market and this replica of their upright DC14 model is another winner. This kids vacuum cleaner has all the detail and functionality of the real thing and looks great too in cool pink and lilac. The cyclonic feature of Dyson vacuums is replicated and there is suction to help teach children how vacuums work.

Just like real vacuum cleaners this product comes with detachable parts and tool storage. Children can follow their parents around enjoying role play and spending valuable time together. Children over the age of 3 will get hours of activity with this toy and feel like they are helping around the home. Batteries are included.

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What are the Benefits of Playing with a Toy Vacuum?

There are many benefits of children playing with toy vacuums. While having fun they are also learning valuable life skills as well as important development skills such as coordination, balance and learning about how things work. Such toys are a welcome alternative to spending hours staring at a screen in a sedentary position.

Another important aspect to consider is the valuable time spent with parents and other family members. By shadowing their parents during the household chores, instead of being ignored, they are included in the activity and made to feel they are being helpful. This is a great way to bond with your children and to learn how to work and play together as a family.


At What Age Will my Child Enjoy a Toy Vacuum?

Children from the age of around 12 months old will enjoy playing with a vacuum. Some models are specifically designed for toddlers to aid and encourage their development in walking and balance. From age 2 to 3, kids will have improved dexterity and will enjoy exploring the moving parts and working out where things go and how they work. At this age a more sophisticated toy cleaner will be required. A replica of the household vacuum cleaner (or something similar) will help them with their role play and enhance their experiences of growing up.


Do Vacuum Toys Need Batteries?

Many children’s vacuum do indeed need batteries for them to work. Thankfully, most of these come with batteries included to start you off, but it’s always a good idea to have some spares on standby. There are some toys that do not require batteries however, and these usually operate using hand or manual power only.


Conclusion – Our Best Pick

Choosing the best toy vacuum for your child is obviously a personal preference, but of the toys reviewed here we particularly like the Casdon Cord Free Dyson Vacuum. With cord free vacuum cleaners being a relatively recent development, this model is at the forefront of technology and this child’s version is a perfect replica of the real thing.