Baby Bottles & Feeding

Choosing the right feeding products for your baby is one of the most important things you can do for your baby’s health. In this section you’ll find helpful guides that give you up to date info on the safest baby bottles, sterilizers and other related accessories, as well as reviews of the best selling high chairs so that mealtime with your little baby is a wonderful experience.

The Best Baby Booster Seat for Eating with Your Child 2020

Baby booster seats are great for eating at the table as a family with your little one. Here, you will find a selection of different styles of baby booster – there’s sure to be something to suit your requirements here.

Best 32 Science Kits for Kids 2020

Every child at some point in their childhood must learn how the world around them works and with these science kits, they can start well before school starts. There are a whopping 32 to compare to and there is no bigger guide to finding the best science kit for your child.

Vintage Baby High Chair History

The vintage baby high chairs have recently come into fashion and the modern designs are based on the classic vintage types and in this article we look at some of those classic ones.

What Age Should I Use a High Chair for My Baby?

There is time for everything and making sure you know the right age for using a high chair is crucial for your child. This article highlights some things to help parents understand why and when to start using a high chair.

The Coolest Baby Mealtime Gear

There are many reasons to make feeding time fun for your child and in this review we explain some cool ways to make feeding your baby easier.

Best Baby High Chair 2020

As you know little things do matter and making sure your little prince or princess has the best booster seat is essential. What they need through all the stages of their development is important to you, and I know what that’s like, so I have decided to put together some of the best toddler dining chairs currently available on the market.

Table Manners for Toddlers

All kids at some point need to learn table manners and although some find it hard there is ways to improve them. This is why we have given some pointers and help to make sure you can get the best out of your children.

Best Baby Sit Me Up Seat 2020

Every baby is striving to sit up and see what’s around them, it’s a primal instinct and shouldn’t be ignored. There are new and innovative toys have been tailor-made to ensure that your child can develop their strength and grow.

Best Baby High Chair Pads 2020

Maybe you have a high chair cushion already and its just old and tatty with it having seen better days, but you do not like the idea of getting a whole new chair for what could be the simple replacement of the cushion.

Best Baby Bottle Drying Rack 2020

There is always a sudden influx of things to be washed and dried when the baby arrives, but nothing more so than the baby bottles, which seem to be piling up next to the sink, which is common place in most parents home with a newborn infant.

Best Formula for Gassy Babies

When a child is born into the world they are very vulnerable and need to be looked after with great care and attention. Choosing the right type of formula can be difficult and sometimes you might have to go through several before finding the right one.

Best Glass Baby Bottles

Every child needs a bottle at some stage and some have preferences on things like nipple size, weight and even the color of their bottle. Finding the right bottle can be a challenge and experts suggest getting a few different brands at the beginning with a total bottle count of at least 12, which is to ensure clean bottles throughout the day and a wider range for your babies needs.

How To Clean A Baby High Chair

Every baby likes to eat as much as they do like to make mess and being a parent I’m sure your aware that cleaning properly is important. There are some great baby cleaning products and ways to ensure your child is sat in a clean and hygienic high chair. This article highlights some concerns and offers some advice with how to clean and maintain high standards.

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer 2020

Choosing the right sterilizer for you and your babies needs is sometimes difficult and here our aim is to simplify the process. I have put together full range of sterilizers, all I believe you’d be happy with. They cover some of the best on the market all with the latest features and great sterilizing times.

Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

The fisher price EZ high chair is a leading product from a well established brand and this article highlights some of the reasons why this baby high chair is so-good.

Booster Seat vs High Chair

There are many booster seats and high chairs that are similar, but yet very different, which is why some parents wonder which is best. This is why here at BuzzParent we wanted to explain the pro’s and con’s of each and let you make your mind up.

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